Thursday, June 22, 2006

Oops, Ozzie did it again...

Ozzie's in classic form again. Unfortunately. For those not in the know, Ozzie Guillen, the White Sox's manager, called Jay Mariotti, Sun-Times Columnist, a "fucking fag" in an interview with reporters. Now personally, I love Ozzie for his in-your-face honesty, even if he does sound like a jackass. But I also knew that it'd only be a matter of time before he really got himself in trouble, and it looks like this might have done it. Go check out Jake Berlin's post over at The Bard's Room for our strangely prescient conversation on the subject a few weeks ago, as well as Jake's usually thoughtful and entertaining commentary.

And oh yeah, the Sox have been on an utter tear lately, having taken the last two games from the Cards by a combined score of 33-11. They've won 8 outta 9 since nearly coming back to win in the ninth against Cleveland two weeks ago. Is there a connection? Maybe this is part of some secret scheme by Ozzie to motivate his players? Are we all too ignorant and base to understand the scope and complexity of his Machiavellian schemes? Is this man a baseball genius the likes of which we haven't seen since Casey Stengal or John McGraw? Nah, probably not...


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