Monday, December 05, 2005

World Of Warcraft

I just got addicted over the weekend. After having been a big City of Heroes/Villains fan, I decided to give in and see what the other half were playing. WoW is much more RPG based, and as such, provides a much richer gaming experience, IMHO. Every detail from world design to character creation/advancement has been expertly crafted. Fun, fun, fun.

CoH/V is much more of a split between an RPG and an FPS. The character and costume design tools are excellent, but that's the best feature of the game. Once you get above the first few levels, the game becomes nothing more than kill, kill, kill. And forget about levelling with any speed on a team of less than 6 players.

If you play WoW, lemme know what server you're on, any tips, or n00b advice. Feel free to let fly with the braggadocio...


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