Monday, December 05, 2005

The limits of charity

BellSouth just recinded an offer to the city of New Orleans to have the city use a damaged building of theirs as a new police headquarters. City services, including the police, are still scattered around the city in the wake of Katrina. BellSouth withdrew the offer after the city announced a plan to offer free wifi service throughout the NOLA, paid for and maintained by the city.

Apparently charity only goes so far. Only so far as they don't get cut into corporate profits, and then it's used as blackmail.


Blogger Samuel A Love said...

$62.3 billion promised by the GOP for recovery.

$37.5 billion to FEMA, which it is current sitting on without any specific plan for its use.

$25 billion assigned to specific city projects, $6.2 of it acutally given to the city so far. Mayor Nagin recently asked for another $2.3 billion. Response from the GOP: "We want to see them (meaning of course blacks and the poor) helping themselves before they ask us for help."

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