Thursday, December 01, 2005

Konerko stays!


I might even go to mass on Sunday.

No, of course I won't, but I did entertain the idea for a split second.

Paul Konerko just signed with the White Sox for $60 million over 5 years. The Angels were very anxious to pick him up, but, thankfully Kenny Williams and Jerry Reinsdorf had the good sense to match their offer and pick up Thome as added incentive to keep Paulie in town.

Now talk has turned to picking up either Juan Pierre or Luis Castillo from the Marlins, who are in full fire-sale mode. Both could fill the #2 spot in the line up; Pierre with his speed, or Castillo with his switch hitting abilities.

I'm dreaming of a White (Sox) Christmas... Really, don't bother to get me anything, aside from maybe a few more trades, eh? What more could I want?


Blogger Keely said...

I liked how his doing this showed some serious team loyalty & love of the game vs. taking the extra $5 mil and playing in Baltimore.
Bravo Konerko, bravo!

Fri Dec 02, 11:56:00 AM PST  

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