Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Al Jazeera Memo

I've blogged the Al Jazeera Memo previously, but the story has developed since then, so it's worth a revisit.

After the Daily Mirror publishes their report on the memo, Blair denied the incident outright, and the White House refused to comment on it. The two men involved with the story, however, have been jailed for violating Britian's Official Secrets Act. That's right, two men are in jail for disclosing information on something that apparently never happened. (argh, *irony headache*)

This story has, quite predictably, gotten no time in the American press, be it print or television. Those of us interested in fact and truth are once again forced to go to overseas to find information on the memo.

But, the Internet won't let this story die. Al Jazeera staffers have started a blog to get their side of the story out. It makes for some very good reading. A favorite post of mine was from a Canadian who now lives in Qatar and works at Al Jazeera expressing his outrage at the very notion that Dubya would consider such a thing as bombing the building where he works.

Heard the Word of Blog?

There is also a growing Internet movement to get this memo published, so the world can see and judge for themselves. I myself have signed a pledge to post the memo on this blog if it were to be leaked. This of course would come with the threat of jail time. Not as big a threat as a native Brit, but we do have extradition treaties, and know that Bush would do anything to save his hide.

Heard the Word of Blog?

So, let's hope the memo sees the light of day. If it does, you'll see it here.


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