Friday, August 25, 2006

You've lost that blogging feeling? Hell no!

Lost that blogging feeling? Nah, just busy, busy, busy lately. So here's the story of that photo.

That photo was from Friday night of the Lollapalooza weekend. My friend Keely had won tickets, a hotel room and airfare for some friends from XRT. The hotel was a fairly swanky place downtown in the loop, so it served as party HQ for the weekend. After spending the day at Lolla, we got back to the hotel, had drinks and prepared to continue festivities on the northside. The hotel had these really posh terry cloth robes priced at $75 a pop. What can I say? I was feeling a bit Hefner, so I put one on. Damn, damn comfy if I do say so. Almost wore it out with me. Sure, I was hamming it up a bit but, that really did kind of capture the mood of the summer.

And that was only Friday. Saturday proved to be even wierder: After Lolla Dance Party on the El, DJ'd by yours truly. Cab ride to the Nisei with crazy cabby through traffic all fucked up by Marketdays. Friends in tears. A totally blown random pick up at the Nisei. Almost spending more than 5 minutes at sodding Barleycorn, but getting to see Gossy anyways.
Random people craziness at Bar None. Wrigleyville normally has a wierd vibe on the weekends, but it was extra special wierd that night. My life went psychedelic around 3AM, without of the requisite drugs involved. Keely's cab back to the hotel getting stopped and the driver arrested for speeding and a DUI. Getting home at 5AM.

All in all, a pretty damn good time. You really could feel that wave everybody'd been riding all summer crest that Saturday night. After that, nothing else was really the same.


Blogger h.Lo said...

Holy God. My head spun just reading that. And a cabbie getting arrested with a DUI? That's downright scary!

Tue Aug 29, 04:12:00 PM PDT  

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