Thursday, March 30, 2006

She Wants Revenge

I first heard/saw these guys on MTV2 late one night while I was basking in the sentimental glow of Beavis & Butthead reruns. What I saw was the video for "Tear You Apart", directed by Joaquin Phoenix, so expect to see it if any of you still watch MTV regularly (yeah right). It's off their recently released self-titled debut, a great little gothy synth-pop album with heavy Depeche Mode and Interpol influences. I have been surprisingly taken with album. Maybe I'm just a sucker for tasty retro synths, which this album has in spades. Maybe I'm a sucker for dark love songs. Songs with plenty of heavy passion, but with a little S&M kick to keep things from getting too serious and emo. Think, "My heart aches for you, my soul burns for you, I can't bear to be without you. Now tie me up and tell me what a bad boy I've been." Good stuff. At the very least, it's a guilty pleasure.

FYI: They'll be performing on Conan next Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on whether you believe the day or date on their website.


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