Monday, February 06, 2006

The Recs - Direction

WARNING: Shamelessly biased plug ahead.

You all need to go check out my cousin's band, The Recs. Will their first album, Direction, shatter every belief and truth you hold dear, leaving you whimpering in the bathroom, sobbing with the loss of your innocence and naivete? YES!

No, not really. But it is a good album, from a group of guys who are only getting better. They played a small show up in Chicago this weekend, and sounded better than the band that followed them. Not bad for a bunch of guys who're still seniors in high school. Self-recorded and published, it's all original material (no covers here). You're guaranteed good old fashioned culture, served DIY style. Trust me, it'll make you pine for small, sober shows at a Legion hall.


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