Thursday, November 10, 2005

iPod cases

Having put Linux on my iPod has got me thinking about trying to find a better case for my iPod. If you don't know, the plastic shell of the iPod's get scratched very, very easily, so you have to buy some sort of case or protector if you want to be able to see the screen in 6 months. It's a total scam designed to get you to buy 50 billion iPod accessories or a brand new one in a year, plain and simple. With all the hard plastics and resins out there, there's no excuse to have not used that. Are you really telling me with all the brilliant engineering and planning that went into designing these things, that nobody thought to make it scratch proof? Bollocks!

I like my current case, but it is now scratched all to hell. I can barely see the screen. If anybody has any recommendations, let me know.


Blogger Shawn said...

Personally I think you can't go wrong with the iSkin Evo II. Pretty good color selection, form-fitting case but with easy access slots, as well as a clear or tinted screen cover (a necessity!), and a click wheel donut cover. Even includes optional belt connector and holes in back for heat sinking. This is really the perfect iPod case, in my opinion. I've actually got 3 of them for some reason!
Can't recommend it any higher.

Small cons include: it smells like crap for the first couple of weeks and has a tendency to pick up lint.

Thu Nov 10, 01:08:00 PM PST  
Blogger Chico said...

Ya know, I had used something similar when I first got it, but the screen cover looked like shit, and the silicon, like you said, got covered in lint.

I like the hard case, I just wish I could find something that was super scratch resistant.

Mon Nov 28, 07:24:00 AM PST  

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