Thursday, November 10, 2005

Linux on the iPod

Another device liberated! I've just put Linux on my iPod this morning. Why? Well, aside from just being able to, they just release a version of the classic FPS Doom for the the iPod.

So far, it works pretty well. I can run podzilla, the GUI used by the linux kernel, and play games, music, change settings and all that jazz. Support for 4G iPod's (what I've got, a 60GB Photo) is still fairly sketchy, as evidenced by the shell (sash) not working yet, or at least not when I try to interact with it. It'll play your music, but you can't scan forward or backward through the song while it's playing, and you can't browse through your music and keep the song playing at the same time. It's under development, so hopefully that'll improve.


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